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Gus Augustine's Rating System

My best bet is a 50K round-robin, quadruple, gazillion, bet your life's savings lock.

Are you f@%king kidding me?

This is really simple:

A 100-Dime play is my normal Max Wager.

That's the cream of the crop.

A 50-Dime play is worth 1/2 as much.

A 25-Dimer is worth 1/4 as much.

Now a rating system is only as good as your bankroll allocation, or money-management skills.

If you have a $100 to play today, and I have a 100 Dime play, then you should bet all $100 on it.

If I have a 50 Dimer, then you should wager just $50.

Let's take it a step further and talk about how you allocate your bankroll over the course of a week:

If you have $500 to wager for a week, then you divide by 7 days and that gives you around $70 (rounding down) as a daily max wager. So in this case, a 100 Dimer is worth $70 with a 50 Dimer being a $35 investment. 

What happens if I win?

You can either pocket the profit or add to the pot, increasing the wager size.

What happens if I lose?

Your max wager remains the same initial $70 because you did the math and spread your bankroll across those 7 days to start the betting week. 

Who Is Gus Augustine?

I would bet that I've been doing this longer than most of you have been gambling.

I turned 60 in 2020 and I've been a professional sports bettor and handicapper since I was 25-years-old.

How this business has changed over the years. Back in the day, I can remember turning on my TV Saturday and Sunday mornings and watching all these 800-number telephone touts pitching games with their endless "Absolutely Free" come-ons. Then it was the local 976-numbers, where guys were selling picks for as little as $3.00. That gave way to the 900-number craze where suddenly the same plays were being sold for up to $99 because phone companies were taking a cut of the pie. And then Al DeMarco, who I didn't know at the time, came along and created the online internet industry back in the late 1990's. 

I've made my money over the years as an investor and my cultivating a group of players that has grown through referrals and my reputation. Guys drop out, naturally, whether they're winning or losing because that's the nature of the beast. But I made a nice living over the years because I did this every single day; I wasn't one of these bums who took a vacation after the Super Bowl or took the summer off after March Madness was over. 

I love three things in life: my wife, any kind of pasta (much to the chagrin of my waistline) and making money. I tell anyone the first love I earned, the second I can buy and the third I've got to work my ass off for. But they're all worth it, and the payoff at end is what makes it all worthwhile.   

Unlv at FRESNO STATE (-31)

- - -

I can't begin to tell you disgusting things looked Saturday night, when the Iowa State Cyclones dismantled the UNLV Rebels in Las Vegas. It wasn't just a 14th-ranked team taking on a scrub, it looked more like a Varsity team playing the low-income high school's freshman squad that doesn't have enough players to field two units. It was terrible.

And now the Rebels will face their third straight ranked opponent, after losing at Arizona State, and getting hammered by Iowa State. UNLV opened the season with an overtime loss to FCS Eastern Washington.

Fresno State, meanwhile, made a statement with a last-second win at UCLA, using a powerful offense to help produce 40 points in the Rose Bowl. For his efforts against the Bruins' shoddy defense, Fresno quarterback Jake Haener was named the Mountain West Offensive Player of the Week.

Haener completed 39 passes for 455 yards and two touchdowns, including the game-winning 13-yard touchdown pass with 14 seconds remaining.

The 455 passing yards are the fourth-most by a FBS quarterback in a single game this season, while the 39 completions are second-most.

UNLV's defense was decimated by Iowa State quarterback Brock Purdy, and with this being a conference rival, on an isolated Friday night, I think Haener could have a career night against a Rebels defense that is ranked 115th in the nation in passing yards allowed (286).

The Rebels also rank 123rd with their scoring defense (40.0), and 120th overall in allowing 476.3 yards per game.

For perspective, UNLV is now 0-9 since Marcus Arroyo took over the program in 2020, and the Rebels have been outscored 348-150 in that time - an average final of 38.6-16.6.

Now when you consider the Bulldogs have scored 40, 56, and 48 points the last three games - 48 per game - to the Rebels' 57 (19 per game), I think you can see how Fresno will have its way.

Based on 1♦ to 5♦
San Jose State (+3) at WESTERN MICHIGAN

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My free winner for Saturday is the San Jose Spartans plus the points against the Western Michigan Broncos, as both teams come in 2-1. And while I know the Broncos outlasted Pitt in a wild on, I'm stuck on the San Jose offense under the direction of quarterback Nick Starkel, who hasn't had a chance to really let his unit fly.

This could be the week, considering the Broncos allow nearly 30 points per game on 366.0 yards.

Where this gets dangerous is in the red zone, where the Broncos' defense is tied for 104th in the nation. Michigan took advantage and scored 47. Pittsburgh took advantage and scored 41.

Now Starkel has a chance to attack a pass efficiency defense that ranks 127 out of 130 teams, at 181.63. The Spartans' passing offense is 18th best in the nation, with 317.7 yards per game, and should be tuned up after two straight road games, at USC and Hawaii. Don't worry, this is not their third road game in as many weeks, they had a bye between the Trojans and Rainbow Warriors.

The Spartans put up 45 on FCS Southern Utah, but they're going to want to spread them wings and soar against a D-I foe.

This is the spot, as San Jose State aims for the outright win.

Based on 1♦ to 5♦