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Interconference Lock

Jaguars vs. Eagles - 1:00 ET

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10/1 - 100 Dime - Iowa - Loss

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Interconference Lock

Jaguars vs. Eagles - 1:00 ET
I am not going to lie, it has been a really rough week, but I will keep on moving forward and keep on putting in the work.

It is Week Four of the NFL season, and I am set to hand you a winner.

Interconference Lock

Jaguars vs. Eagles - 1:00 ET

Just need one winner to get things going in the right direction, and today's Jacksonville-Philadelphia meeting in the wet City of Brotherly Love will be that winner I am looking for!

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Bryan Rosica's Rating System

Units, Dollars, Stars, gold plays, platinum plays, blah, blah, blah.

OMG. I can hear those dinosaurs from the old 800 handicapper services with their New York accents screaming about betting every dollar you have on some guaranteed living lock that's supposedly "absolutely free" if you're among the first 5000 callers (as if they get 5000 callers in a year, let alone a day).

Just shoot me now. Who the f&%k cares about all that crap?

Making lines is tough, a brutal business that requires so much research. But that's not what I'm doing here. I just want to get you my plays in an easily understood system. So, here it goes:

The plays are rated from 10 dimes to 100 dimes.

A 50 dime play is twice as strong as a 25 dime play.

The rating scale is simply a unit of measure (i.e. worth) so you know how strong a play is to ME when I release it compared to others either previous or in the future.

How much you play is up to you. It's your bankroll. But I'm going to "manage" it if you follow my rating system. 

Who is Bryan Rosica?

Yes, I'm young. But if being "older" was a prerequisite to making money gambling, I guess every handicapper and gambler alike would be residing at an assisted senior living center.

In other words, just because a guy has been in this industry forever, doesn't mean he can make money. I've seen A LOT of old guys who consistently lose. Age is inconsequential.

I got into this business in college through a friend of my brother who was a bookmaker. I started part-time in school and went full-time right after graduating because the money was just too good. 

When I was 25, I had the opportunity to go to Costa Rica to work for one of the biggest offshore sportsbooks in the world as an oddsmaker. Taking action from gamblers and then setting the lines was a natural progression. But after 18 months of working nearly seven days a week for a tyrant and getting grossly UNDERPAID, I had enough.

Having been on the other side of the fence, seeing how gamblers frequently got manipulated and beaten by bad numbers - numbers that I had a hand in making - I decided to take a shot at beating the odds myself. 

Who better to beat the oddsmakers than a guy who used to help make the lines at a sportsbook?

There are bad lines every single day. Can you spot them? Probably not, otherwise you wouldn't be here at this site or reading this bio in the first place. Those games are what I'm looking for. They don't guarantee winners, but they win more often than not because bad lines are a bookmakers' dream and a gamblers' nightmare. 

Win or lose, you're going to get the straight scoop from me day after day. No BS. And that's the ONLY promise I'm going to make to you from day one.  

f you are a fan of points being scored in the NFL, then today's interconference meeting between the Browns and the Falcons at Mercedes Benz Stadium is the game for you!

Cleveland has been remarkably consistent on offense with 26,30, and 29 points tallied for an average of 28.3 points per game. All 3 of the Brownies games played this year have landed Over the total.

Atlanta has also been remarkably consistent on offense with 26, 27, and 27 points scored in their 3 games this year, all of which have landed Over the total.

Look for the teams to get to their numbers again today as they trade points all afternoon long in a game that heads Over the posted price.

(On a 1♦ to 5♦ basis)