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$10 bettors have won $5,445 since August 1

100 DIME
NBA Winner # 8 of 12

Western Conference
Game of the Month

Thunder at Rockets
8:10 Eastern

MATCHING Tuesday's 100 Dime NBA Winner # 7 of 11
Los Angeles (-1') 106-103 over Phoenix


Stronger than my 80 Dime Super Bowl Winner on the Chiefs


Sunday, July 16 was my last as an everyday handicapper at this site. Two knee replacements and a laundry list of other ailments for my wife and myself have led to my decision to finally slow down at the age of 64.

I'm not retiring, but instead going part-time. Moving forward I'm going to pick my spots, becoming even more selective, releasing only the highest-rated releases I find when handicapping daily. 

Free of the constraints of servicing package players, I might even start releasing hockey plays come fall, too.

Pro Football Championship Run

3-0 since my return for the 2020-21 season

Three underdogs, three winners!

I returned to this site in Dec. 2020, and have delivered back-to-back championship winners.
  • 2021: 50 Dime Buccaneers outright over Kansas City
  • 2022: 60 Dime Bengals covered vs. Los Angeles
  • 2023: 80 Dime Chiefs outright over Philadelphia
Here is what I had to say about Kansas City on Feb. 12, 2023:

So here we go with another underdog winner in the big game, as the Cincinnati At several points this season, the Philadelphia Eagles had the worst strength of schedule. Just before the Big Game, they were ranked 32nd, in fact. The win over the San Francisco 49ers bolstered the Green Birds to 29th - fourth-worst (easiest) in the league.

The Kansas City Chiefs sit ninth right now, and have been as high as second in the NFL during the season, and haven't been lower than 13th. The team they beat to get into the Big Game - the Cincinnati Bengals - is ranked No. 1 with its strength of schedule.

See where I'm going here?

When the Chiefs beat the 49ers a few years back in this game, San Fran was bolstered by a stingy defense and rolled roughshod through the competition thanks to a rather weak schedule. Sounds like an Eagles team that will take the field today.

Many want to bring up Kansas City's "injuries," including Patrick Mahomes' ankle. Hmmm, imagine that, a banged up offensive line and a quarterback who had a flat tire in the AFC Championship, and yet the team is still here.

Kansas City has won seven straight, its last loss against the Bengals team it beat to get here, back in December. And the area of improvement down the stretch has been defense.

Through their first seven games, the Chiefs allowed an average of 24.5 points on 369 yards per game. Over their last 10 of the regular season, they've yielded a mere 19.7 points and 299.6 yards per game.

The upstart Jaguars and high-flying Bengals couldn't muster more than 20 points in their playoff games.

I think we're going to see the Eagles' best effort, there's no denying what they're capable of, and Jalen Hurts is an impressive specimen. But Andy Reid and Mahomes (whose ankle treatment has been extensive if you've done your research, and read the actual therapy he's endured) are in their third championship in four years. That's experience the Eagles won't be able to match.

The second half will be all Kansas City, as the adjustments will be made, thanks to their familiarity of being here - like against the 49ers when the Chiefs won it all in 2020 - and in a thriller, Reid and Mahomes win another.

Payment Types

$10 bettors have won
$5,445 since August 1

100 DIME
NBA Winner # 8 of 12

Western Conference
Game of the Month

Thunder at Rockets
8:10 Eastern
I hadn't released an NBA game until last night, when I delivered a 100 Dime Winner on the Lakers with my In-Season Tournament Quarterfinal Game of the Year.

Tonight, after the teams took a brief hiatus, the league is back in action and I have another 100 Dime Winner for you.

Just as strong as the Lakers over Phoenix last night, I have my Western Conference Game of the Month.

$10 bettors have won $5,445 since August 1

100 DIME
NBA Winner # 8 of 12

Western Conference
Game of the Month

Thunder at Rockets
8:10 Eastern

MATCHING Tuesday's 100 Dime NBA Winner # 7 of 11
Los Angeles (-1') 106-103 over Phoenix


Stronger than my 80 Dime Super Bowl Winner on the Chiefs
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Gus Augustine's Rating System

My best bet is a 50K round-robin, quadruple, gazillion, bet your life's savings lock.

Are you f@%king kidding me?

This is really simple:

A 100-Dime play is my normal Max Wager.

That's the cream of the crop.

A 50-Dime play is worth 1/2 as much.

A 25-Dimer is worth 1/4 as much.

Now a rating system is only as good as your bankroll allocation, or money-management skills.

If you have a $100 to play today, and I have a 100 Dime play, then you should bet all $100 on it.

If I have a 50 Dimer, then you should wager just $50.

Let's take it a step further and talk about how you allocate your bankroll over the course of a week:

If you have $500 to wager for a week, then you divide by 7 days and that gives you around $70 (rounding down) as a daily max wager. So in this case, a 100 Dimer is worth $70 with a 50 Dimer being a $35 investment. 

What happens if I win?

You can either pocket the profit or add to the pot, increasing the wager size.

What happens if I lose?

Your max wager remains the same initial $70 because you did the math and spread your bankroll across those 7 days to start the betting week. 

Today's Complimentary Play

Chet Holmgren Points+Rebounds (25'-under, +100)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My free play for tonight is one of my patented player props, an area I've dominated for years when it comes to freebies.

I'm on a 17-7 run with complimentary player props in 2023 after hitting Jalen Brunson Under (Points+Rebounds+Assists) in last night's In-Season Tournament quarterfinal. I told you 36.5 was too big, and sure enough he fell on 33. A little homework goes a long way.

Tonight I'm banking on Chet Holmgren to stay under his Points and Rebounds prop total, as the Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets meet.

I love this pick'em game, and it's my 100 Dimer, but the one prop I think is too high is Holmgren's number.

Holmgren is in off a double with 11 points and 11 rebounds in Dallas, and it was only the second time in six games he hit double figures with rebounds. In that span, he's averaging 26.9 points+rebounds, and that would certainly mean an over tonight.

But, the Rockets, believe it or not, are one of the most defensive-efficient teams in the league. They allow a league fourth-lowest 110.3 points per 100 possessions. And when you consider Holmgren's height and prowess near the basket, understand they rank third with an opponent's .049 field-goal percentage on made dunks (62). They rank eighth with an opponent's .263 field-goal percentage on made lay-ups (208).

Holmgren will get his numbers, but it'll be tough for him to top the points+rebounds prop mark.

Based on 1♦ to 5♦